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What Records?

There are some records you definitely need to have on hand for your grandchild. Without these, you could have trouble getting him the resources he needs.

Must Have Documents

First, if you have custody or a legal agreement between you and the parents, you should have these handy. This will affect enrolling him or getting information at school. Sometimes the emergency room will ask for this as well.

You should have all medical records if possible. This is very important for a child with a serious medical condition but could also help a doctor if you have a concern. There may be notes in the record that clue the doctor in on an undiagnosed condition. Shot records and an up-to-date well-child visit will be required from the school, too. You should collect his dental records also.

You should get a social security card for the child. His social security number will be important throughout his life, and sometimes you will need the card itself.

When we got our son into civic league baseball, we had to show a birth certificate to prove his age. This is also important for support from DSS and other agencies. You will probably need this to enroll him in school, too.

It is advisable to have proof that the child lives with you. This could include any doctor’s reminders of appointments, tax returns showing that he is a dependent, etc.

Proof of your income will be needed if you plan to apply for assistance.

Other Useful Information

All these documents are important and should be kept up to date. There are some phone numbers you should have for your information. Keep them readily available. These numbers include poison control, school or daycare, doctors, dentists, counselors, therapists, social workers, babysitters, and any community activity programs.

This is a working list. Add any other resources, phone numbers, etc, that you use often.


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