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Oh, Christmas!

Yes, I just counted, and there are 19 days until Christmas!!  Oh, Christmas!  Hard to believe it is the end of the year.  There are so many emotions associated with the holiday.  It should be joyful.  And it is.  But there are other emotions for us adults.  There is pressure to get everything done.  We want to get the perfect gifts for those we love but time is limited.  It is harder to get the grandchildren to bed, since they are excited about Christmas.  There are activities at school, church, family get-togethers, etc.

And for some grands and other relatives raising children whose parents want to make things difficult, there is that stress.  When to have the visits?  What impact will it have on the children?

We tense up because we don’t know if things will explode when the birth parents do or say something inappropriate.

Not to mention memories of happier and simpler Christmases.

Well, we each have to deal with it in our own ways.  I have to admit I am going through some stuff right now.  I can only recommend deep breathing, taking a short walk outside if possible, talking to someone for support.  And the most important thing – we need to make this a special time for the children!  They deserve that wonder, that excitement!

Try to concentrate on that.

Our situations are all a bit different but somewhat the same.  Do you have tips to help others at this season?  It would be great to hear them.


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