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A Good Neighborhood for Grandchildren

What’s your neighborhood like?

I love my neighborhood!

It’s not the poorest or the most affluent neighborhood.  It is a mix of older, retired couples and young parents with small children.  There are teachers, contractors, stay at home moms, factory workers.

I don’t know everyone on my street, but I recognize the ones I don’t know personally.  We wave to each other when we pass.

I do know some of my neighbors.  I know what they did or do for a living.  I know quite a bit about their children and grandchildren.  We mostly talk when we see each other in the yard, sometimes we visit.

What I really relish is the security.  Whether it is a friend or aquaintance, they will watch the other homes for any activity that could be suspicious.  Once we were out of town and the next door neighbor called to tell us that some of our shingles had blown off in a storm.  The neighbor across the street knew the man next door was out of town and walked over to question why someone in his yard was there.

This could be seen as nosy or appreciated as an informal sort of neighborhood watch.  Almost everyone on the street considers it added protection for their home.

I feel confident that this is a great place to rasie my grandson.

So, what’s your neighborhood like?

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