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Want to make your child want to learn? Try these!

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As caregivers to children these days, we have to adapt to the ways children like to learn.  They love computers, phones, and tablets.  I have searched for a few sites that you can use to give them resources for learing that are fun yet educational.

ABC Kids is a great free app on Google Play store.  They have ABC Tracing and Phonics, ABC Spelling and Phonics, Kids Learning Box Preschool, Sightwords Pre-K to Grade 3, Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle, and CVC Words to Help Kids Read.  You can also use Monkey Junior, Endless Reader, and Read Me Stories for free.

Starfall has awesome games to teach basic math and reading.  It is $35 to join and then most apps are free.  I really like its layout.

PBS Kids offers even more.  I had trouble finding the free stuff at first.  Here’s how: Go to pbskids.org.  In the upper right-hand corner, click on apps.  This will take you to a page that says Apps and More.  If you are an Amazon Prime member. scrool to the bottom of the page and click on the Amazon symbol.  A pop-up will come up saying you’re leaving PBS Kids.  Click on the continue to…. button.  You will arrive on the Amazon page and find lots of free apps for different games.  There are also some for just $2 or $3.  Or you can click on the Google Play button and find them there.  There is also an Apple button, Nook button, Windows store and Windows phone store.

If math is a weak point, try https://www.coolmath4kids.com.  There are free games there for different grade levels. I tried Math Pickle but didn’t really understand it.

In Google Store, see Math Training for Kids, Preschool Math Games for Kids, Peter Pig’s Money Counter, Let’s do the math. Kids Math, and Child Learn Math 1st 2nd grade.  They’re all free!

Sheppard Software is awesome!  It is free to play the games on the computer.

For general education, there is the Z oodles android app, abcya.com, kidzpage.com, learninggamesforkids.com, funbrain.com, .sesamestreet.org,disneyjunior.disney.com, and nickjr.com.

For a wider range of ages, there is kids.nationalgeographic, makemegenius.com, highlights.com, learninggamesforkids.com, scholastic.com, http://kidsknowit.com, almanac4kids. science.howstuffworks.com. and exploratorium.edu.

I’m sure there are many more sites and apps out there, but here are some to get you started.  I tried to concentrate on the free ones.

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