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Why Should I Make Time to Read?

Make time to read to your grandchildren.  I know, we are all so busy it is hard to even find time to get their teeth brushed, baths, etc.  But reading is so important!

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A child who reads can solve almost any kind of problem.  Don’t know how to put that thing-a-ma-jig together? Read the instructions!  Don’t know what a word means?  Look it up on Google and read the definition!  Want to know what some other part of the world is like?  Read about it!

Reading can open new worlds to a child.  When he is young, he only knows what life is like at home and at school.  As he grows, his world expands through new contacts.  Yet, there are so many things he won’t learn in his limited environment.  Reading can remove those limits.  If he is a farm boy, he can read about life in the big city.  He can learn what life is like for children in other countries.  He can read about how nature works, how to cook, how to do almost anything.

Reading is also an escape.  It is certainly more healthy than the alcohol and drugs that so many kids use to escape.  It doesn’t damage their brains but strengthens it.  Unlike drugs, it is legal.  It leaves them more aware, while drugs leave them impaired.

I know how hard it is to find time to read with a child, but I believe it is one of the most important things we can do for them.  My grandson’s school participates in a program with the local library.  They send three books home with him each week.  We return them and get more the next week.  He is excited about his new books, so that encourages me to read them to him, even though he is ADHD and has trouble sitting through the whole book sometimes.

I know you want to expand your grandchild’s world.  I also know it is hard, with all the other things you are dealing with.  But it is definitely worth it!  Try just 15 minutes of reading with the child.  You don’t have to read it word for word if he is restless, just get the main idea of each page.  Let him ask questions if he wants to.  If your time is short, limit reading to 15 minutes even if you aren’t through with the book.  This will make him more eager to read it next time.  (You know when you limit anything, they want more!)

Let me know how it works.

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